REST Super selects Dasseti in Australia

Suite2Go have been proud to work with Dasseti with this deal.  Its a win-win for all concerned.  Commenting on the news, Leanne Bradley, Co-CEO of Suite2Go said “this is a great example of how Suite2Go team works across the full deal lifecycle, applying their specialised resources to best fit the different stages”

Rest, one of Australia’s largest profit-to-member super funds, has selected Dasseti Collect to digitize and streamline operational and ESG due diligence.

Dasseti Collect will enable Rest to digitize operational due diligence, manager monitoring and ESG due diligence across the portfolio.

Rest is one of Australia’s largest profit-to-member superannuation funds, with nearly two million members and around $75 billion AUD in funds under management.

Rest aims to help their members achieve their best-possible retirement outcomes by delivering competitive long-term performance, keeping fees as low as possible, and making it easier for members to engage and understand their super. Rest believes that operational due diligence and responsible investment adds value and helps safeguard its members’ financial interests.

With Dasseti Collect in place, Rest will be able to scale manager operational and ESG due diligence to simplify processes and enhance insights. Dasseti Collect has been designed specifically for asset allocators and is seeing strong adoption in the superannuation sector in Australia, alongside significant growth in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Americas.

Wissem Souissi, CEO of Dasseti says:

“It’s great to see that we are adding another Australian super fund. Especially a member-first organisation like Rest join the Dasseti client community. It is a well known and very well respected group in Australia and we are excited to be working with the team there.”

A spokesperson from Rest says:

“Having an enhanced ability to review and interrogate our due diligence data will bring recognised efficiencies to our investment process. We are expecting these improved insights to support Rest’s ongoing risk management efforts on behalf of our nearly two million members.

“We are always looking for opportunities to improve the efficiency and enhance the management of risks in our investments processes so we can generate more value for our members and help them achieve their best-possible retirement.”


Rest Super Digitizes Operational Due Diligence and ESG Due Diligence with Dasseti