Join Suite2Go at SIBOS

Fancy Networking with Leading Global Financial Institutions?

Join Suite2Go at SIBOS

Sydney, Oct 22-25, 2018

SIBOS will bring 6000+ industry leaders together for one week. It is the world’s premier global financial service event. This year’s event themed ‘Enabling the digital economy’ will explore how emerging technologies like, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain are driving innovation, reshaping businesses and helping to tackle financial crime. There will also be discussion about the ongoing threat of cybersecurity and the evolving global regulatory landscape.

SIBOS provides a unique opportunity for firms to either enter the Australian market for the first time or to expand on their current growth strategy.

We believe in collaboration and synergies and hence we have created the Fintech Barn. Bringing our clients and associates together at an already established conference is a proven success. Participants gets to meet other first-class solutions that sits along side them in the value chain servicing the same client base without competing. Partnerships can be discussed, and contacts exchanged. The time can be divided between exhibiting and working the floor. The Fintech Barn becomes a spot of ever-changing discussions that magnets conference attendees.

Speakers Corner started out as a corner in Hyde Park where anyone can get up on a soap box and tell the world what you are thinking. We have created a social media and real-life co-creation campaign which is open for anybody who has a message that should be heard at SIBOS (one of the most prominent Banking conferences in the world with 6000+ attendees) and anywhere in the world. The campaign has been created to be a virtual arena for participants in the financial industry to deliver their message, even if they cannot physically participate in the room.

Speakers Corner also represents a 12-month journey to London from Sydney as SIBOS will be in London at end 2019.

What we do for our clients at SIBOS:

  • We run a ‘Fintech Barn’ exhibition stand at SIBOS – to provide a point of network and collaboration
  • Get your voice heard at “Fintech Barn Speakers Corner”
  • Maximise your physical and virtual presence at SIBOS
  • Leadgen
  • Pre-event meeting planning
  • On site event meetings
  • Fintech Barn Survey Wall
  • Off-site event management

We are always happy to help so if you have any questions please let us know.


Have your say at SIBOS whether you are there or not.

Join people from around the world as the major global banks descend on Sydney during the week of Oct 22-25.

Instructions : Create a hastag that you want to talk on e.g. #makeblockchaingreat  Then prepare up to a 3 minute speech. Upload your video to the link below and post your video on your favourite social media channels, including #SIBOSspeakerscorner your name (optional)